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Department of Journalism and Media Studies

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Dear Students and Enthusiasts,
Welcome to the Department of Journalism and Media Studies at Sonargaon University! I am excited to start this learning journey with you.
Our goal is to create an environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and practical skills. Whether you dream of being a journalist, media strategist, or storyteller, our programs are designed to give you the knowledge and tools for today's media world.
Our experienced faculty and cutting-edge curriculum aim to prepare you for success in the ever-changing media industry. We are here to guide you through journalism and media studies, providing a foundation of theory and hands-on experiences.
This journey is more than just academics; it's about finding your unique voice in media. Our facilities and teaching methods are geared towards refining your skills and encouraging innovation.
Take advantage of the diverse courses, participate in hands-on projects, and make the most of every opportunity for personal and professional growth. The Department of Journalism and Media Studies at Sonargaon University is a community of passionate individuals shaping the future of media.
I am here to support you on this journey, and I look forward to seeing your success as you become skilled media professionals.
Best regards,

Head, Department of Journalism and Media Studies
Sonargaon University