For Internal Applicant's Promotion

Career Development

The teaching method of Sonargaon University is very practical. A large part of the students complete higher education in the hope of getting a job and a part for self-employment. The big market for employment in Bangladesh is the private sector. Private companies generally do not want to employ unskilled manpower. Because, unskilled workers cannot show professional work skills in a very short time. It takes a long time to get service / production from them. The company's profitability is linked to service / production time. With this in mind, our teaching methods have been developed.

Sonargaon University has taken several initiatives to enable students to secure employment and create self-employment.

1. Practical practice of theoretical subjects.
2. Direct follow-up of thematic work through industry inspections.
3. To organize a meeting about job placement in the presence of the representative of the employer organization.
4. Conduct training for skill building.
5. Links have been created on the website for easy access to job advertisements.
6. Initiatives have been taken to recruit trainee staff as per the demand in Sonargaon University and its affiliated institutions.

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