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About CRTC

Context Established in 2012, Sonargaon University started as one of the teaching universities in Bangladesh with three faculties, namely, the faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Science and Engineering and Faculty of Business Administration. It has now as many as twelve departments, such as, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Textile Engineering, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Fashion Design and Technology, Apparel Merchandising and Technology, Bachelor of Architecture, Business Administration, Law and Bangla. Of late, SU has thought of focusing its attention towards research so that it could turn into both Teaching and Research University. As a step in this direction, it has recently established a Center for Research, Training and Consultancy (CRTC).

Vision and Mission
SU’s vision is to elevate itself into a reputed Teaching and Research University in the next 10 (ten) years. While its mission is to regularly undertake research initiatives along with quality education to generate knowledge and also provide the benefits of consultancy to various stakeholders and thereby elevate Sonargaon University (SU) like any research university of Bangladesh.

Core Values
The CRTC cherishes the following core values.

  • Provision for equal opportunity to all the departments to participate in research and related training.
  • Ensuring quality of research and training.
  • Sharing knowledge and ideas with research organizations-both national and international.
  • Open the ideas and scientific orientations, and never to compromise quality with quantity.
  • Others.

Description of Core Activities
  • Research
  • Seminar, workshop and conference
  • Training
  • Technical committee and
  • Publication
Some discussion that follows will describe these programs.

CRTC will include a vigorous team with professors and associates from the Sonargaon University as well as resource persons from other institutions and universities. The center will organize capacity building training on several topics related to education and research and current developments each year. Weeks or months long training will be organized. The certificates will be awarded to the successful participants.

The CRTC of Sonargaon University is a university wide institution to cater the needs of all the departments of three existing faculties and also, those which shall be established in the year ahead. Programs related to Art and Humanities, Science and Engineering and Business Administration are the current interest.

Technical Committee
The specific task of this committee is to review the research proposals and research reports so as to see and whether the documents are technically sound and in accord with the guidelines provided by the CRTC. In a year, there may thirty research initiatives. Technical committee needs to sit two times for each proposal.

The center will initiate necessary actions for publications of those reports which are finally recommended by the CRTC. After recommendation papers/ articles/ reports by the Technical Committee. CRTC will take necessary actions in this respects.



CRTC Management Team

Prof. Mohammed Abdul Mabud
M.P.H (Berkeley), M.Sc.(Harvard), Ph.D. (Boston)
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Humanities and Director, CRTC, SU