Business Administration


Becoming global partner in business education through achieving excellence in teaching, research, innovation and community service to ensure sustainable growth in entrepreneurship, businesses and economy of the country.


  1. To strive constantly providing in-depth subject knowledge to the students so that they can add value to the existing treasures of business arena.
  2. To stimulate lateral thinking and a spirit of enquiry among our students so that they can look from a different perspective through a creative approach.
  3. To provide business education in order to prepare future business leaders who will be capable of facing the present economic challenges resulted from globalization of business and playing instrumental role for accelerating the economic growth of the country.
  4. To produce professional human capital to fulfill the market needs through sustainable innovative business education and research with the highest ethical values.
Dr. Md. Masud Rana
Business Administration
Md. Rasel Hawlader
Business Administration