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Sonargaon University

Sonargaon University is pledged to create a knowledge-based society. Understanding the need and value of higher education to build a happy and prosperous Bangladesh, a group of dedicated academician and enthusiasts discussed the prospects of establishing a private university that would uphold the torch of knowledge and would pursue quality education in a quiet, trouble-free and congenial academic environment. Ultimately a university named "Sonargaon University (SU)" started its journey in the Year of 2012 as a private university under the 'Private University Act 1992'. The Honorable President of the People's Republic of Bangladesh is the Chancellor of SU. From the very beginning till now SU has been following the policy of not treating education as a commercial product, and is firmly committed to serve the society without having any commercial motive, whatsoever. Creation of SU was a visionary decision in the face of ever increasing demand for updated specialized education in Bangladesh. With the phenomenal rise in enrolment coupled with quality of education, SU is now comparable with the best universities in Bangladesh and abroad.