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Student Welfare Division

Our Service

The Student Welfare Division is the paramount important part of Sonargaon University. This division regularly looks after the students’ welfare and performs the following services:
    1. To provide Id card for the students.
    2. Counselling with the students for various matter.
    3. To look after manifold problems of the students and provide solution.
    4. To assist changing the package of the students.
    5. To solve the drop related issue.
    6. To help change the program (Department).
    7. To give an idea about ERP panel.
    8. To correct or change the information in ERP (like- name correction, mobile number change, picture change and so on.)
    9. To help students in getting Waiver in different quotas like -Freedom fighter, Sibling, Spouse, Tribal, Female, Instructor, Relative, Depended and Disable etc.
    10. To deal with admission form related issue.
    11. To keep contact with the students over the phone and what’s app.
    12. To send message through what’s app, e-mail and mobile texting.
    13. Guidance & assistance to every student if necessary.


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The Student Welfare Division
will open Every Day

8.00am to 9.00pm