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Student Welfare Division


The Student Welfare Division is providing services and resources to enrich the overall students’ development and learning environment. Only class room-based learning is not enough to get the sustainable opportunity. Thus, the existing learning process needs to be developed further for mental growth, attitude, intellectual ability and inner qualities. A learning process can be successful when students participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities including debate, seminar, symposium, workshop, cultural program, community services program, games and sports of their own choice and preferences besides academic curriculum. With this aim in view Co-curricular and Extra- curricular activities of our university have been designed. These activities are promoted through a number of student clubs.

The clubs are as follows:

  • SU debate club (SUDC)
  • SU Cultural club (SUCC)
  • SU Entrepreneurship Club (SUEC)
  • SU Computer programming Club (SUCPC)
  • SU Electrical and Electronic Club (SUEEC)
  • SU Energy Club(SUEC)
  • SU Theater & Film Club (SUT FC)
  • SU Photography Club (SUPC)
  • SU Social Services Club (SUSSC)
  • SU Sports Club (SUSC)
  • SU MBA Club (SUMC)
  • SU Robotics club (SURC)
  • SU Art Club (SUAC)
  • SU Environment and Disaster Management Club (SUEDMC)
  • SU Media and Journalism club (SUMJC)
  • SU Textile Club (SUTC)
  • SU English language Club (SUELC)
  • SU Moot Court Society Club (SUMCSC)
  • SU Law Club (SULC)
  • SU Structure Club (SUSC)
  • SU Research & Development Club (SURDC)
  • SU Design Club (SUDC)
  • SU Fashion Design & Career Club (SUFDCC)
  • SU Career Counselling Club (SUCCC)
  • SU Micro-controller Club (SUMCC)
In addition to this Student Welfare Division helps to organize orientation program for freshers, Pohela Boishakh, Study tour, National and International days or events like -Independence Day, International Mother Language Day, Victory Day, National Mourning Day and so on.
The overall activities of the office of Student Welfare Division are divided in two major areas of operations.

1. External Activities:

    1. National & International Competitions.
    2. Community Service
    3. Event Participation
    4. Collaboration & Liaison with External Organization.

2.Internal Activities:

    1. Student Orientation and Farewell Program.
    2. Career Counselling for Students
    3. Festival Celebration
    4. Blood Donation Program
    5. Students Extra-Curricular Activities and Competitions
    6. Financial Aid for Distressed Students and flood victims.
    7. Event Organization (Admission Fair, Job Fair, Seminar etc.)
    8. Alumni related works.


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