Volume 1 No 2


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  1. Present Status and Potential Locations of Open Spaces in the Dhaka City Corporation Area: Using GIS Technology
    Kazi Md. Obaydul Hoq
  2. Characterizing the Driver Behavior for Non-Motorized Transport in Khulna Metropolitan City
    Quazi Faisal Bari Purno, Quazi Sazzad Hossain
  3. A Comparative Study of Performances of Different Types of Barrier Constructions for Attenuating Low Frequency Noise
    Abid Hossain Khan, Md. Mostofa Hossain
  4. Fractals Generating Techniques
    Ahammad Hossain, Nurujjaman, Rita Akter, Dr. Payer Ahmed
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  5. Effect of Macro Economic Variables on Stock Market Returns- Bangladesh Context
    Abul Kalam, Md. Al-Amin Molla, Md. Mesbaul Haque
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  6. SNR Estimation Technique of the AWGN Channel by Second and Fourth-Order Moments (M2M4)
    Md. Habibur Rahman
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  7. Improvement of Conventional Electric Heater to Reduce Energy Loss and Its Performance Test
    Angkush Kumar Ghosh and Md. Mostofa Hossain
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  8. An Economic Analysis of Shipping Industry in Bangladesh: Implications for Sustainable Development
    S. M. Nurul Huda, Mohammed Mojahid Hossain Chowdhury, Abdur Rahman Akram
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