Sonargaon University Journal (SUJ)

Aims and Scope

Sonargaon University Journal (SUJ) is a joint publication of the SU Faculty of Science and Engineering, Arts and Humanities and Business. This journal publishes original, unpublished and innovative work accepted by the editorial board in the areas of science, technology, engineering, architecture, fashion design, business and law disciplines. It is primarily devoted to the extension and further development and dissemination of knowledge in different fields for the benefit of academics as well as practicing enterprises based on research.


This journal covers a wide area of interest in the above mentioned field of education. In the environment of global scenario, local and international issues can be picked up on a systematic manner to help and develop the perception into the scientific, engineering, business and legal practices. The research papers are expected to be from authors from all over the world.

Frequency of Publication

The journal will be published twice in a year in English in the month of May & November. Publishing special issues is kept open for future needs. The printed versions of SUJ will be available at the Office of the Deans and Registrar of Sonargaon University (SU).