Sonargaon University


The Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering offers to study in the exciting field of engineering for the marine environment and will help prepare the individual for a career in many aspects of the field. Naval architects and Marine engineers are involved in the design, construction, and maintenance of ships, boats, and related equipment. They design and supervise the construction of everything from aircraft carriers to submarines and from sailboats to tankers. Naval architects work on the basic design of ships, including the form and stability of hulls whereas Marine engineers work on the propulsion, steering, and other systems of ships to operate successfully in the harsh and demanding marine environment. The program, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering primarily involves with the study of a number of core courses, which all NAME graduate students should know, and a significant number of courses from specialized areas. Core courses build the foundation and specialized courses prepare the students for the specific area of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Such topics as the form, strength, stability, sea keeping qualities, resistance and propulsion of ships, economic aspects of ship design and ship operation and many courses of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering and metallurgical engineering are covered. Other subjects of concerns are fundamental of the Physical Sciences and Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences, Management, Accounting, Economics and communication-skills development related courses.