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BSc in Civil Engineering Civil engineering is the second-oldest & largest engineering discipline after military engineering that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment works like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings. It is broken into several sub-disciplines including structural engineering, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, geophysics, transportation engineering, earth science, atmospheric sciences, forensic engineering, municipal or urban engineering, water resources engineering, materials engineering, offshore engineering, quantity surveying, coastal engineering, surveying, and construction engineering.Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering program seeks to prepare students to be successful professionals recognized for their creative and critical problem solving based on fundamental knowledge of humanities, social sciences, mathematics, science, engineering science and a broad range of civil engineering areas. However, the study of civil engineering is not simply about acquiring knowledge, it also builds up disciples to take into Consideration of global and social concerns, ethics, and sustainability when making engineering decisions. Leadership and effective communication ability is a major outcome of civil engineering program. It also prepares students to be successful in Civic engagement and contributions to society and Pursuit of lifelong learning and professional development.